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Company History



Nearly half a century ago, a simple and a hardworking man dreamt of serving healthy peanuts and grams to his neighbourhood. With credit to his honest endeavours, this humble food paved its way into the homes of many. Over the years what has continued to cement between the brand and its patrons is the trusted relationship of fine quality and taste. Today Sikandar Foods has an unrivalled legacy in its niche. The group remains the country’s leading name in providing healthy and nutritious peanuts and grams.

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Late Mr. Sikandar Lakhani
Eminent Leader And Visionary

Late Mr. Sikandar Lakhani, the elder son of Mr. Akbarali Nazarali, took the business in great directions. With his dedicated efforts and determination, he made Sikandar Foods a renowned name in India. His untimely demise has left a great void in the hearts of people. Even today his values resonate in the business.

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1949 was the year which marked the beginning of the legacy of Sikandar Foods.


Mr. Akbarali walked everyday from Kheradi to Surendranagar (Gujarat) to sell peanuts and grams. He battled the sun and the storm each morning with a single minded vision: to turn his life-long dream and passion into reality. With an investment of patience and dedication, he continued doing this for 15 years.


Over all these years, his wife was his pillar of support. The lady believed unflinchingly in her husband’s dream & persistently helped him in his business. Her contribution came in the form of balancing house-hold work along with managing the complete back-end of the business. Once she was done with her daily chores, she would immediately switch to roasting peanuts and grams. To keep finest quality intact, she would personally ensure that peanuts and grams were handpicked and were fully roasted.

Mr. Akbarali moved to Surendranagar with his family.

For successive 5 years he drove a cart of roasted peanuts and grams.




This year marked the opening of his 1st outlet in Surendranagar. The people steadily began to recognize his brand and the demand increased. What started in a small kitchen soon started shaping into a business with strong fundamentals.


The successful journey continued and was joined in by Akbarali’s sons. Under the zealous efforts of Late Mr. Sikandar Lakhani – elder son of Mr. Akbarali Nazarali Lakhani, the brand gained recognition as a “King of Quality Roasted Peanuts and Grams” across India and beyond the territorial borders. He instilled great working values in the culture of the Sikandar Foods team which are strongly rooted till today. This journey is historic from selling peanuts on a cart in Surendrangar to being world famous premium quality Peanuts.

In a span of over 4 decades, from a humble kitchen in 1949, the business transitioned into a production centre of 36000 sq. ft. with highly automated machines. Presently, the younger son – Mr. Amin Lakhani runs the business & continues to enthusiastically shoulder everyday responsibilities of the well-established brand. He is carrying the Sikandar Foods legacy forward by ensuring that only the premium quality peanuts & grams reach his customers.


Underpinnings of strong beliefs, responsibility towards customers, employees and society have enabled Sikandar Foods to withstand the test of time & the company stands strong today.